Regular Light Show

Our Regular Light Show typically consists of an LED Vertigo and Line Dancer. This is a fun interactive show that is great for filling rooms even when haze is not allowed!

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Enhanced Light Show

Our Enhanced Light Show is the Regular Light Show with the addition of 2 Scanner Intelligent Lights. Where the LED Vertigo and Line Dancer will fill the room with fun, moving lights, the Scanners add another level of interest. The Scanners are an intelligent light with moving mirrors that project shapes and colours all over the dance floor, walls and ceiling, running through pre-programmed patterns and sequences that add more of a "club" feel.

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Moving Head Light Show

Our Moving Head Light Show consists of 2 Intelligent Moving Head Lights mounted on vertical pillars. Each pillar is covered in white Lycra and lit from the inside with an LED UP Light, so the whole pillar glows. You can choose any colour for the LED Up Lights, and they may be programmed to change colours as desired.

The 2 Moving Head Lights may also be mounted on a Horizontal Truss on tall black stands.

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LED Up-Lighting

LED Up Lighting is a great way to transform a room with warm vibrant colours. Our LED Up Lights are capable of matching your colour theme, as well as provides a fun "moving light show" feel with custom programming. With low minimum orders, you can make a big change in a room with only a few lights!

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