Wedcasts: Everything You Need to Know

In the last year and a half especially, a lot of weddings have been postponed, cancelled, or brought down to a very small number of guests invited. That’s why Impact DJ Wedcasts has been extremely beneficial to the many couples who have decided not to postpone or cancel but continue their big day as a virtual wedding!

What is a Wedcast?

Wedcasts are a great way to broadcast your wedding virtually through the Impact DJ virtual platform. This lets your guests watch and follow your big day from home! Including the ceremony, reception, first dance, speeches, and anything else that has been planned for your wedding.

How It Works

Before your Wedcast day, Impact DJ creates a personalized URL for you and your significant other that can be easily accessed by anyone on your guest list. Your Wedcast can be watched from a phone, computer or tablet from home to make your guest’s experience as easy and accessible as possible! 

After your big day is finished, an HD recording of your wedding will be given to you so you can look back and share your virtual wedding years from now with your friends and family! 

Is a Wedcast Right For Me?

You’re probably wondering, “Is a Wedcast right for me and my wedding?”. A great way to find out is to ask yourself some of these questions below: 

  • -Do you have guests coming from overseas who would like to share in your day?
  • -Are some of your guests unable to attend your wedding due to travel/mobility restrictions?
  • -Have you already made deposits to your venue and vendors that you are unable to move or get a refund on?

If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, Wedcasts may be a great option for you! Wedcasts are a great option to move forward with your wedding day without incurring any additional losses in rescheduling or cancelling! 

Learn More About Your Wedcast!

Want to learn more or start planning your Impact DJ Wedcast? Check out the video below to learn more or contact us now for a personalized quote and information package!