Conor 'SouthPaw' Brown has been audibly serving diverse crowds in Ontario for over 16 years. A truly mixed genre DJ for bars/clubs & private functions, Conor has the versatility to adapt in all type of crowds and settings. His vast music taste always ensures a well tailored personalized sound for his clients. Past clients of his such as Tom Cochrane, Alex Lifeson, Trailer Park Boys, Malibu Rum, University of Guelph, UofT, YorkU, North Pole Hoops, Promise events, Harvest Festival or others can attest to Conor's DJing, personality & adaptability.

When not behind the decks, you can find Conor cycling across the city with friends or bike touring, shaking up cocktails downtown or fishing up north.

We had Conor DJ our wedding and he was incredible to work with right from the start. Extremely reliable, collaborative, responsive, and the guests loved him. Highly recommend you work with Conor. Steph and Matthew

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