12 Unique Fall Wedding Ideas

The fall season is on its way! Perhaps you’re one of the many couples putting some finishing touches on their 2022 fall wedding. Or maybe you are newly engaged looking for inspiration and brainstorming some plans for your fall wedding in 2023.

Whatever the case may be, there is a reason why September is one of the most popular months to get married – the weather is amazing and there are SO many beautiful autumn colours and decorations that you can choose from. From pumpkins, warm neutral colours and sunflowers, some of these 11 unique fall ideas will make your special day that much more magical!

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50 Songs For An Indie Alternative Wedding

If you’re looking for the best indie alternative songs to round out your wedding day playlist, you’re in luck. We’ve curated a mix of 52 indie and alternative tunes to walk down the aisle to or get your guests pumped up for a night of dancing and celebrating.This playlist reads more like a backyard bash than a formal ceremony, but will still have your friends and family on the dance floor all night!

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9 Memorable Summer Wedding Theme Ideas

It is officially wedding season and we are so excited to see all the 2020 wedding themes coming up this summer! By creating a theme for your wedding, you’re giving your wedding an experience that you, your friends and your family will remember forever. Also, the creative and fun photos and videos that come out of your wedding are something that you will love to look at in the future!

To help give you some ideas or inspiration, we have added 10 memorable summer wedding theme ideas for your wedding this year or next year!

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The Best Wedding Planners in Toronto That Will Make Your Life Easier

It’s officially wedding season, and Toronto has a huge variety of wedding planners that you can choose from this year for your wedding. Whether it is style, budget, or destination weddings, there is a wedding planner for everyone!

We have added below a few of our favourite wedding planners to help make your life a little easier in the wedding planning process.

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Looking For a Wedding Planner for 2022? Check Out Karina Lemke!

Looking for a wedding planner that services large, small, day-of and destination wedding planning in 2022? Look for no further than our wedding planner friend, Karina Lemke!

For more than a decade, Karina has been a celebrated wedding and event planner based out of Toronto, Canada. Karina was one of the original and regularly featured wedding planners on the international hit television series “Rich Bride Poor Bride”, seen in over 90 countries and the US.

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Hybrid Weddings: How Those At Home Can Celebrate With You

Your wedding is a special day about you and your partner. This means including all of your friends, family and loved ones on your wedding day to celebrate with you. That being said, in the last year and a half, tons of weddings have been postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic, as well as travel restrictions. This makes it difficult to plan, celebrate and enjoy the special day that is you and your partner’s wedding!

That’s why Impact DJ Wedcasts has been extremely beneficial to the many couples who have decided not to postpone or cancel but continue their big day as a wedcast!

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